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Welcome to my little place on the 'Net. started out as just a place to claim my nickname "theGleep" as mine...think of it as Internet Graffiti.

However, I have started to develop content for the Android OS in my spare time, so if you like - say - watching paint dry, or grass grow; keep an eye here.

Priority to-do

  • Cut hole in closet for power cords
  • Mount limit switches
  • Burn Raspberry controller
  • attach rpi to cnc
  • flatten secondary bed
  • test pickguard cut using paper glued to wood
  • cut pickguard
  • build laser-guard chamber
    • Can I get plexiglass with proper frequency shielding?
    • Find instructions for laser

Quick Access

Android Development


  • VSCode Extensions
    • Better task runner
      • Use sample project
      • Add auto-reload when the tasks file changes
    • Save Explorer Stack
  • Find more J. Michael Verta
  • Install UPS for wifi/Internet
    • Also install rack-mount power strip
  • Run speaker wires
    • subwoofer
    • HDMI cables
  • Improve remote access system
    • network sharing via virtual machines
    • individual programs instead of full desktop
      • "WinSwitch" or "Xpra"
      • requires network sharing via VMs - or maybe using VM as SSH Gateway/jump host
  • put a light in the pantry

Site to-do list

improve menu

  • Style/Theme
  • Links
    • Projects
    • Music
    • Recipes

leadsheet bugs to fix and features to add

  • Move configuration UI outside of rendering engine
    • the "render" method should receive the configuration settings
  • Improve spacing
    • Don't allow lyrics to drop below controls (move controls to be a menu-type bar)
  • Show song title when printing
  • Accept chords next to each other
  • revise react output (div after .display-settings) to have a class to allow "width: 100%" specification
  • Printing often shows second page when it shouldn't
  • two chords in a row results in one being treated as the text of the verse
  • Show rendering errors to the user, not just the console
  • When there are more chords than lyrics, add blank spaces as lyrics
  • honor comments in lyric headers
  • Template example errors out
  • add SetList page template
    • links to songs
    • ?index=[1,2,3...]
    • "next/prev" buttons

Shopping list[edit]

Print ideas[edit]

  • Shelf
  • Armada mounts
  • revise toothbrush holder
  • Funnel balancer

Spaceships & Such[edit]